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HATE FOUNDS AX EUPIKE                              187

add to the confusion, they will have at their command the services
of men of undoubted integrity, whose fervid Hindu nationalism
has totally blinded them to the faeh. Such a one is Pandit
Jawaharlal Nehru, who at a time when the streets were running •
with blood and the whole country was on the verge of a civil war
of appalling dimensions, calmly wirelessed to America that 'except
for a small handful of persons there is no difference between Hinlu<
and Muslim in race, culture, or language* No amount of ex-
clamation marks could do justice to this staggering assertion, nor
to the fantastic understatement with which he followed it:
* There is now a demand on the part of some Muslims for partition
of India, and it must be remembered that this demand is hardly
lour years old. Few take it seriously/

"Some' is an odd expression for 85 millions! 'Few take it
seriously' is a queer way of describing the surging, hve-or-die
passion of a great nation !

Well, you have been warned. You know what to expect, as the
outlines of the dream empire take shape, and are traced more
clearly on the world's consciousness. Pakistan will be attacked,
lied about, subjected to an unparalleled barrage of misrepre-
sentation. None the less, I believe that it will survive tlie test,
I believe the empire will be born.

And now, let us pay a call on the potential emperor— Mr, 3i A.
Jinnah. In view of the strategic position which he occupies, it is
hardly an exaggeration to describe him as the most important
man in Asia*

ork Times Ma^:i,ie of July 19th, 1942.